My Chosen Advocacy ~ to Inspire



Ever since I was a child, I have always been fond of reading and keeping quotes.. Even if I’m already an adult, my fondness for inspiring quotes has never diminished. In fact, I always ride a taxi going to and fro for my work & I leave quotes at the back of the front passenger seat (I got this idea by the way from one of the readers of Oprah’s blog!). They are written in small post-it notes so that the next passenger of the cab would be sure to see them right away hoping that that they would have a great day that day. I’ve come to a certain realization that I guess, my purpose in this world is to motivate & encourage other people to always see the good things in people and in life. May it be family, friends, or relatives, classmates or colleagues, even strangers, I always try my best to be positive around them. This is my chosen advocacy: to inspire other people. This is my God-given gift and by creating this blog, this is one great way of sharing and reaching out to other people and sharing one positive note even if they’re located at the other side of the globe. Right now, my personal crave is to search for quotes or sayings by other people that are truly meaningful and illustrated by a nice photo because it’s more fun reading quotes this way. I hope that the people who read this special selection of my favorite quotes that I was fortunate enough to chance upon, may you also share these quotes to your family & friends so that we all can inspire one another even in our own special, small way… I woud like to share with you my other blogsite about illustrated quotes & sayings that I have come to love.. Pls visit:



Super-typhoon Haiyan: Humanity at its Best


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Resiliency – a word that we always hear being linked as one of the remarkable traits of the Filipinos. November 8, 2013 – a day considered as one of the most tragic days in Philippine history. Super-typhoon Haiyan (local name: Yolanda) has brought attention to the world as they see how one of the most catastrophic incidents undermine the Filipinos as we try to cope up with the loss and chaos this has brought to Eastern & Western Visayas. While we mourn for all the lives lost & destruction of their homes, celebrating the upcoming holiday season might prove to be a challenge for our fellow countrymen. Still, faith in humanity, true enough has been restored with the astounding generosity of international aid coming in from all parts of the world. We all can’t help but feel grateful for the utmost kindness everyone has shown for all of us. Amidst the whirlwind of confusion, mourning & sacrifice, we as a nation, truly stand and help one another as we help our fellow citizens rebuild the lives that has been greatly affected by this calamity. On behalf of each and every Filipino, we would like to thank everyone who has extended their thoughts and prayers, relief and aid to our nation. One of the acclaimed journalists of all time, Anderson Cooper, has truly shown the epitome of the Filipinos’ spirit and strength on below video (video post courtesy of Boxs Bou in YouTube). Again, MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO and may God continue to bless each and everyone of us..

… Perfection …


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When I was still a child & our mom would ask us to sleep in the afternoon, all I can hear in the radio are the mellow songs either from 94.7 Mellow Touch or 96.3 WRock stations. Mellow songs have been a big part of my childhood. This is where my love of listening to slow romantic songs have sprung. And while I was channel-surfing earlier, I came upon the Voice of the Philippines. It was the perfect timing for me because the host was introducing Lea Salonga. I’ve always admired her strong powerful voice & how she connects to her songs. Imagine my utmost delight when she introduced mid-part of her performance, the one & only Patti Austin. It just gave me goosebumps & brought me back memories of my sweet childhood. This is what truly awesome music is all about. It gives you back memories and experiences in a moving way. You can watch their epic performance below via Youtube courtesy of TheABSCBNNews.

Awesome August


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Awesome Ideas

One more month to go & “ber” months would start rolling in again. Before you know it, you’ll be hearing  once again the Christmas jingles, holiday mall sales & cold breeze come rushing right back to you.. Personally, I am always excited for Christmas, but before we do start celebrating this wonderful season, we still have August to reckon with (grabbing one of my sister’s pics in her FB, August is the birth month of my gorgeous sister also!). While I was browsing thru my News Feed in my Facebook page, I saw this one post of my friend about a list of photos that you can take for each day of the month. This looked appealing since it wouldn’t hurt much to snap photos of what seems to be an ordinary subject in everyone’s lives. However, the thought of remembering these simple things in life makes the journey for everyone worthwhile.. You can try doing this lovely simple list.. Here’s to an amazing August for everyone! … Au revoir…

..My Life in Photos..


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Pinterest pic

Pinterest 2

Just recently discovered the beauty of Pinterest. Here you can find a few (gazillion, actually) things that I appreciate, I like and I love… This enables me to show graphically the ideals, the experiences and the things that I cherish and value most.. I also have my own personal board where I shared snippets of my so-called wonderful life..

Here’s the link for my personal board:

And here’s the link of my favorite things:


Scents of a Woman


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Who wouldn’t want to smell good? I know everyone wants to leave the impression of being able to wear their own personal scent that people can remember them by. Ever felt the instance wherein you caught a whiff of perfume & it reminded you of someone in particular? There’s so many perfumes in the market it’s so hard to choose which one you could use. But I do have my own top 5 scents that I love, here’s my personal list:

Top 5: Victoria’s Secret Pink Freesia


Top 4: Versace Bright Crystal


Top 3: Calvin Klein Beauty


Top 2: Especially Escada Delicate Notes


 Top 1: LIz Claiborne Mambo




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It’s summertime now here in the Philippines! People are now scrambling to escape for the nearest beach resort or getaway to relax & feel the ocean breeze on their faces, hairs being wind-swept & show off those those amazing curves (with coveted tan lines to boot!) & buffed bodies. For me, just being near a body of water already gives me this wonderful feeling of being relaxed especially when you’re under the direct heat of the sun. I remember when we had our trip to Coron, Palawan & I was definitely fascinated with how clear the water is even if we’re already quite far from the coastline. One of our last stops in Coron Island for Day 1 was the part of the beach where at the bottom of the ocean, a sunken Japanese shipwreck can be found. Since my companions and I are not experienced divers, we just contented ourselves staying atop our boat. Our boat guide back then encouraged us to feed the fish in the water & clear enough, we can see the fish swimming to the bread bits being scattered in the water. The waters were clear & it was just a happy sight to see those cute striped fishes (sorry I don’t know what they’re called) trying to get a morsel for themselves.

Weebee to Me

…Coming back from a 4-month hiatus of writing blog posts, I miss expressing my random thoughts thru my personal online universe. Starting from our Coron, Palawan trip last October, followed by our Boracay trip last November & finally to Seoul, South Korea in celebration of me & my partner’s 10th year anniversary. First two months of this year got me busy with a new business client. 2013 is turning out to be a very good year for me (I’m claiming it!)  and boy, am I glad to be back in the blogging world… au revoir!

Divine Abode


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In the recent years, me and my partner’s case of wanderlust was reinforced by our several trips here and abroad. Living our motto of “working hard & playing hard”, we’re both lucky to be able to indulge in our favorite pastime which is to travel. Recently, my partner’s cousin and his wife were celebrating their first year anniversary and we were lucky to be able to tag along with them in this beautiful island. The serenity of the place, the general calmness and turquoise waters, gentle foamy waves lapping your feet as you stroll the pristine sands & the stunning views of the scenery really took our breath away. One of the most wonderful feeling I had in this place, was to be able to feel physically closer to God in its truest sense because of the majestic scenery that unfolded  right in front of me.. Truly one of the most beautiful places here on earth can be found in the magnificent island of Coron, Palawan…

UP Pep Squad.. still Fighting ’til the End


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I’m not an official alumna as of yet, but I still feel that I was blessed & fortunate enough to have spent some of my college years in University of the Philippines. This is where I’ve learned the basic way of life. Believe it or not, this is where I learned how to commute & ride a jeepney by myself. UP is such a vast & open university, students who don’t own a car (like me) needs to ride the jeep IKOT & TOKI (the reverse route) to get to classes in different buildings. UP also taught me the essence of patience by having to wait in an endless line of students all wanting to enlist the best schedule for their classes every enrollment period. It taught me also how to deal with different kinds of people, having different traits, cultural backgrounds, social status & religious beliefs. During my sophomore year, I got Cheering as one of my PE classes.  We’re the crowd who always chants the songs & cheers for the cheerdancers. We were required to attend most of the UAAP games to cheer the UP basketball team during breaktimes & especially not to miss the UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Since then, I’ve always been eager to watch the UP Pep Squad. Being able to experience the rush, the pride, the sense of solidarity in cheering for the team, I have always watched the UAAP Cheerdance & wait for the UP PEP Squad to perform. Having seen the UP Pep Squad perform yesterday & won the 3rd straight championship on its 8th title, this just goes to show that even a glaring mistake in the final routine can still bring home the bacon…

Watch the UP Pep Squad’s performance for the 2012 UAAP Cheerdance Competition. **(video courtesy of YouTube ~ Published on Sep 22, 2012 by